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Bodfest already have a good number of traders booking stalls for this year. If you look at our traders page, we have no limit on the amount we can accommodate for small businesses and food stalls. There are incentives for booking early!

Standard Street Market - Trading from Noon until a Maximum of 10PM Site to be clear by 11PM


3m x 3m Space  Price from March 1st £35


Food and Drink Sellers (Not alcohol) Trading from Noon until a Maximum of 10PM Site to be clear by 11PM


£175 Price from March 1st £250 


Registered Charities


3m x 3m Price from March 1st £15


Priority will be given to traders from OX15 and OX16 however we will be operating a first come first served booking policy. However due to being on a new bigger site there is no booking limit at present.


All paments due within 14 days of invoice date.


Thank You


Any queries to our dedicated traders email address please:-