Food and trade Stalls Booking - Terms and Conditions


1. The Organisers are The Bodfest Committee.

2. Trade Space: The term Trade Space indicates the area where an Exhibitor is trading from.

3. Exhibitors: means traders, craft people, charities, non-commercial groups and companies wishing to exhibit within the Trade Space at the event.



1. Applications: All applications for Trade Space should be submitted on the online application form and returned to The Organiser. No Trade Space can be guaranteed until The Organiser has returned confirmed your booking.


2. Hours of Exhibition: The Organiser reserves the right to alter the hours of operation at the event without advance notice to Exhibitors, visitors and other persons. No portion of an exhibit must be dismantled by an Exhibitor before the close of the event.


3. Postponement or Abandonment: Should the event be postponed or abandoned due to strikes, lockouts, poor weather, force majeur, third party or other circumstances no refunds will be available. Where the event is cancelled or postponed by the organisers, refund of site rental will be made available to exhibitors.


4. Default by Exhibitors: Exhibitors shall be in default under the general conditions of this application form for exhibition Trade Space should they:

 a. Fail to make payment by the due date.
 b. Fail to physically occupy their allotted exhibition Trade Space.
 c. Use the Trade Space in a manner that contravenes the application.
 d. Violate any applicable law or regulation or any rule or code of conduct.
 e. Be in breach of any item or provision of this application.


5. Exclusive Rights: The granting of exhibition Trade Space does not guarantee the Exhibitor sole right of selling or promoting their particular commodity or service unless The Organiser approves such agreement in writing.


6. Liability: Neither the Organiser, nor their representatives shall be liable, or responsible for any injury to the Exhibitor or their employees, agents, guests or visitors while within the confines of the Trade Space allocated to them.


7. Security: Exhibitors shall be solely responsible for providing security for their own exhibition Trade Space. Neither The Organiser nor their agents shall be liable for any damage to property of Exhibitors or the property of Exhibitors agents, employees, guests or visitors and the Exhibitors agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Organiser and their agents against such loss.


8. Unloading: Only one stock vehicle is permitted within the trade site area while unloading and loading.


9. Stall Management: The Exhibitor shall provide an adequate number of staff for the operation of the trade site and ensure that such staff are adequately trained, clean, civil, sober and well presented at all times. The Organiser may require the Exhibitor to remove any member of staff that in the opinion of the Organiser does not meet these standards. The use of offensive or abusive or threatening language by the Exhibitor or its staff will breach this clause.


10. Electrical Requirements: The Organisers will not be providing any electricity. Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own generators if required and are responsible for health and safety. Generators should be noise-free and non-polluting as possible. The Organisers reserve the right to request any generators not meeting these requirements are switched off and removed from the site.


11. Stand Cleaning: The Organisers will arrange for cleaning of the general areas of the site. Exhibitors must, at their own expense, keep their areas clean and in a first class condition throughout the duration of an event and must remove all rubbish to the bulk tidy bins.


12. Branding: The Exhibitor shall not reproduce The Organiser’s logo or any branding associated with the company or the premises on any publicity material or otherwise without the prior written consent of the Organiser.


13. Admission Charges by Exhibitors: No Exhibitors shall charge an admission fee to their exhibit except with prior written approval of The Organiser.


14. Amplified Sound System or Radio Road shows will Not Be Operated from any stand within the Trade Space without the written consent of The Organiser. Also, the Exhibitor shall not use radio communication devices on the Premises without the express permission of the Organisers.


15. Damage to the Ground Surface: Any Exhibitor or contractor wishing to break the ground surface for the purpose of erecting an exhibit/marquee must first contact The Organiser to seek prior consent. Any Exhibitors or contractor causing damage to any part of an event site or any other area will be liable to the cost of reinstatement.


16. Distribution of Literature, Display Notices & Banners Exhibitors is not permitted to roam around the event site handing out literature. The distribution of all literature shall be confined to the Exhibitors stand area only. Displays, Banners, Leafleting, Signage or other style displays are not permitted in the parking areas or on an event site or surrounding areas without the written approval of The Organiser.


17. Assignment: This application is personal to the Exhibitor and shall not be assigned, transferred or apportioned. No more than one business entity may exhibit or operate in a single exhibition Trade Space without the written permission of The Organisers of the event. Further, Exhibitors shall display their products and conduct business only within their own exhibition Trade Space.

By attending and trading at BodFest you agree to the terms as listed above unless you have contacted the event organisers (BodFest) and have written permission otherwise.

Standard Street Market - Trading from Noon until a Maximum of 10PM Site to be clear by 11PM


3m x 3m Space £25 if booked and paid for by February 28th - Price from March 1st £35


Food and Drink Sellers (Not alcohol) Trading from Noon until a Maximum of 10PM Site to be clear by 11PM


£175 if booked and paid by February 28th - Price from March 1st £250 


Registered Charities


3m x 3m Space £10 if booked and paid for by February 28th - Price from March 1st £15


Priority will be given to traders from OX15 and OX16 however we will be operating a first come first served booking policy. However due to being on a new bigger site there is no booking limit at present.


All paments due within 14 days of invoice date.


Thank You


Any queries to our decicated traders email address please:-