​Did you know putting on the event...

Each year The BodFest Organising Committee strive to put on a safe, family friendly event. Each year the event has developed based both on visitors feedback but also on guidance for the relevant local authorities for which we have to seek and gain permission to put on BodFest.

Many free volunteer hours go into planning and organising an event the size that BodFest now is. On top of the voluntary hours put in the cost of hosting an event like BodFest also grows each year. 

The costs associated with putting on BodFest gives the Committee liabilities of around £18,000 pounds this year. 

Other events may have a different approach, such as admission prices, alcohol policies etc - there is no right or wrong but 'every' decision we make as a Non Profit voluntary run organisation is fully discussed, advice taken and people safety and enjoyment is put first. We as a committee have to ensure we provide a safe site, adequate security and control the supply of alcohol to ensure it is not sold/consumed by minors. Allowing alcohol to be taken onto the site effects our ability to do the above. This is why we operate a strict NO ALCOHOL policy. This year the bars are being run by an event management specialist to further ensure that those old enough can purchase alcohol in a safe manner. 


Did you know even though we are volunteers we have to attend meetings with both the local council and police so they can review our site plans, our Event plan and all of our security arrangements to ensure they are happy with the measures we have in place. 

To keep everyone updated on BodFest' 19 Plans:-

We are still working hard behind the scenes to make it a day to remember. Lots still to finalise as the day approaches. 

A few bits to answer questions we are being asked:- 

Please remember you CAN bring picnics in soft cool bags and soft drinks in original sealed plastic bottles. Canned drinks are NOT allowed. 

Unfortunately we can't allow alcohol onto the site due to ensure we complying with licensing guidelines. As we are all volunteers we have to ensure we protect all visitors and ourselves and control the supply of alcohol hence bringing in an events specialist to run bars for us. 

Why are you charging Residents this year? We are charging for entrance for ALL visitors this year as the costs of putting on this event and the security, Hire costs etc mean we can no longer offer any free entrance.


Chairperson: Glen Griffin

Vice Chair: Chris Watts

Secretary: John Washburn

Treasurer: Rachel Whitrow

Organisational Groups:

Street Market & Food Court Co-ordinator: Lucy McKenna
Music Co-ordinators: Steve Cracco and Sally Low-Hurry
Site Co-ordinators: Glen Griffin and Steve Cracco in conjunction with Newman Event Services

Health & Safety: Glen Griffin
Volunteer Co-Ordinator - Tina Griffin

Fundraising Team: John Washburn

Design, Web & Advertising: Mark Rogers
Web & Social Media Team: Chris Watts

Events Arena: Ian keefe

Children's Activities: Ginny Fox

Catering: Rachel Whitrow

Advertising and Program: Mark Rogers